Our services

One-on-one ABA therapy

Developing individualized programs for each child

Parent training
Empowering parents with personalized ABA guidance


Grow ABA conducts an initial assessment for each child. Included in the assessment process are several questionnaires, interviews, and other indirect assessment tools. 

Direct assessments are also conducted using a variety of assessment tools described below, in which a Board Certified Behavior Analyst assesses the child across different communication and social domains.


One-on-one ABA therapy


Individualized programs

Our BCBAs develop individualized programs for each child, reflecting deficits and focusing on promoting verbal behavior. Goals and objectives are derived from these programs, and behavior technicians work directly with the children 1:1 implementing these goals.

General interventions

Discrete Trial Training (DTT), Pivotal Response Training (PRT), and/or Natural Environment Teaching (NET)

Children typically spend a portion of their clinical hours working in controlled environments on specific skill domains, including: visual performance, receptive language, motor imitation, echoics, manding (requesting), and tacting (labeling). 

The larger portion is spent on instruction in natural environments, promoting generalization of targets, peer manding, group skills, social skills, and adaptive behaviors.


Natural environment

A large percentage of therapy is conducted in a natural environment in order to generalize table targets. 

Through reinforcement strategies, we can change the motivations of the children and teach them new skills in a way that feels natural and less contrived than at a less contrived than a restrictive setting, such as table time. This is essential to skills generalizing at home and in other natural environments.

Our process

A guided journey

Getting ABA therapy requires specific steps. We’re here to guide you through them.

We accept most health insurance plans, and we also accommodate private pay.

Step1: Your child receives a diagnosis from their doctor.​

Your child receives a diagnosis from their doctor.


You call our office to discuss your child’s needs. 

Step 2: You call our office to discuss your child’s needs. ​

We start our assessment.

Parent training

Parent involvement is at the forefront of our model. Parents will receive training from a Supervisor or  Board Certified Behavior Analyst, focusing on the individual needs of their child.


We focus on the priorities of the child and family.


You will learn new strategies and how to implement them.


Training is fun! You will participate in model-play and role play.

Be Patient

It takes time. We’re here to ensure behaviors are generalized and maintained.
Parent Training - Benefits


Parent training aims to support the success of each child.

Parents will learn strategies to increase the effectiveness of therapy when at home.

Learn about the impact of effective parenting skills, and see how we increase awareness for it.
During parent training, we will do our best to answer every question and concern.

To help prevent regressions, parents will learn how to support their child’s ability to maintain new skills.

Sample Lessons

Learn how you can help your child grow.

Unlock your child's full potential

Our location

Grow ABA headquarters is in Los Angeles or Southern CA.

To give families flexibility, we also provide services in-home, in-community and through telehealth.

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